Back2School Drupal 8

There is not a great deal that can be said about this site. It is used as a simple one page website to advertise the services of Back2School in the local Naas area.

It started on Drupal 7 and, as a test, it was rewritten on WordPress. It doesn’t really matter which platform it is on, but it seemed to be ideal for a little bit of experimentation.

Firstly there were some modules to test, so we investigated simple ways to producing a contact form on Drupal 8. This is because our preferred development tool, Webform, is not available yet on Drupal 8. The system we are using is ideal for the vast majority of sites, but lacks the flexibility and sophistication required for really advanced sites. It also allowed us to play with the various Google Maps integrations. The simple one that we have used works well enough for most sites.

Finally, it gave us the opportunity to experiment with a Flexbox approach, more in a later post, which we see as the future of web development across the full range of devices that would access a site.

The conclusions are simple: we prefer it to WordPress, it’s not yet as easy as Drupal 7, but it is moving in the right direction.

To look at this simple one page site follow Back2School website

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