Centre for Sight TV

Centre for Sight is running an advertising campaign for laser eye surgery on local radio in London. Instead of directing listeners to the huge Centre for Sight website, it was decided to have a satellite site focused simply on the one treatment.

The rationale was simple. The target audience is young people wishing to gain freedom from glasses and contact lenses. As such, it is expected that the majority of devices used to access the site will be mobile. The solution is a simple one page site that is long, but easily scrollable on a mobile device. There are multiple links to the main .com website and a quick contact form for anyone wishing to make contact immediately. Obviously there are prominent tappable telephone numbers.

Add to that a simple, vibrant introduction and the site makes a statement immediately. Plenty of detail to answer the most common questions and appropriate social media included. It will be interesting to track the response from the intended audience.

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