Centre for Sight Update

Like all websites Centre For Sight is always going to be work in progress. The latest iteration is designed to give a more modern concept, without losing the detail and usability of the site.

The first thing to notice is a full width slider created using a product called Mega Slider that is specifically for Drupal. There is a ‘quick contact’ form overlaid on the slider that is experimental and subject to review.

The masthead is now ‘sticky’, which means that it is always at the top of the screen on all devices. Obviously this means that the key contact links are always in view.

The structure of the site has been changed to improve search engine optimisation.

This is a minor upgrade and most of the changes are cosmetic, but based on analysis over the next few months detailed planning can be started to see what the future holds for the site.

Take a look at the improvements at Centre For Sight website

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