Drupal or WordPress?

CMS simply means Content Management System and throughout this site you will find that we have wavered backwards and forwards over which is the best to use. This site is now back on Drupal after a six month experiment with WordPress.

We have stated that we prefer working with Drupal, but in 2014 we got really fed up with the constant problems of dealing with hackers worldwide. It’s nothing to do with us, we are simply collateral damage when a major hacking problem arises. However, that does have an impact on everyone who has a website, but maybe we are more conscientious than many and try to ensure that our clients not not suffer. The two biggest ones were.

Heartbleed (From the BBC website)

The bug exists in a piece of open source software called OpenSSL which is designed to encrypt communications between a user’s computer and a web server, a sort of secret handshake at the beginning of a secure conversation.

It was dubbed Heartbleed because it affects an extension to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which engineers dubbed Heartbeat.

It is one of the most widely used encryption tools on the internet, believed to be deployed by roughly two-thirds of all websites. If you see a little padlock symbol in your browser then it is likely that you are using SSL.

Half a million sites are thought to have been affected.

What does that mean, simply that the major security system used on the web was breached. This made all data insecure.


A few months later this appeared and basically breached the fall-back system that had been put in place to counter the Heartbleed problem. At that point most security was compromised and the web had to move onto a completely new system.

What was the problem for us?

Drupal acted quickly but failed to tell us that updates and security fixes might be useless if they were not deployed within a few hours of release. They released them US time, so we didn’t see them ’til the next morning, by which time it was too late. By the time we found out half our sites had been hacked and it caused literally weeks of work to recover the situation. We weren’t the only ones, millions were hacked.

The automatic updating system employed by WordPress served people a lot better, even though many sites were hacked.

This led us to look seriously as to whether we would move permanently to WordPress. We have developed a good WordPress development process that can be applied to any site. However, the more we work with it the more we realise how good Drupal is.

What is a Content Management System and which to use?

We get asked that all the time. From the image it’s a glorified text editor that enables you to enter text, format it, add images and do most of the things that you can do with a Word Processor. There are some limitations and there is a bit of learning involved, but basically they are the same, until you try to develop with them.

It’s very simple. Our preference is to develop sites on Drupal, but if you really want it on WordPress, for whatever reason, we will do it for you.

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