The Evolution Of Carbon Black

The Carbon Black Wheelchair is a wonderful concept and an outstanding product. Elsewhere on this site there is the original post from when Matt Watkinson, Arthur Nurse and Keerim Design got together to create the original site – see Carbon Black November 2013

The site was beautiful, elegant, superb photography and designed to show this premium product at it’s best. The original concept was to have online sales, but that was replaced by an excellent information format with a very complex, but useful form that enabled the user to configure a chair that could be submitted. The submission would be followed up by a test drive and fitting.

The wheelchair is a premium product with a significant price that is competing in a market that emphasises low cost, affordability, etc.

The first issue that arose was that despite significant efforts through social media and email campaigns the number of visitors to the site was low and the number of enquiries was minimal.

Over the last twelve months there have been a number of changes.

  • The beautiful, innovative configuration form has been removed.
  • The Home page has a slider at two-thirds width and an enquiry form.
  • A Blog/News section has been added with a feed through to the Home page
  • There is Video section based on the same principle as the Blog/News.
  • The Gallery has been changed from a coded page with the images in an overlay to a Flexslider that is easy for the owners to update.
  • Brochures and manuals were made available for download by anyone enquiring about a wheelchair.
  • The site was originally not content manageable, but is now totally usable by the owner.

Has it made a difference? There are two answers:

  1. The site is not as beautiful as when it was created, looks less designed and more commercial.
  2. In terms of statistics, the site has multiplied its number of hits ten fold and there were 170 enquiries in a thirty day period.

Did those translate into conversions? That’s another story, but while the contacts are there the owner has the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with potential customers.

A website can only lead a horse to water, there must be other factors that lead to it drinking.

Form your own conclusions –

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