First Drupal 8 Site

Drupal 8 has been a long time coming and Keerim Design has been testing it since October when it was released. Like all new software it has it’s issues, but we have not been happy that it is stable enough to use on production sites.

The Rising Sun Milland was the final important site in our portfolio that was fixed width, static and with a separate jQuery Mobile site. It was important to get it to a responsive design, get rid of the mobile site and make it more Google friendly.

We dramatically reduced the number of pages and made the site much more mobile friendly. The site was also made much richer by cutting some of the content and increasing the images. Finally, more social media was integrated, as befits this type of site.

There were a lot of technical issues addressed, but these will be outlined in a future post about the development of the Keerim Design site.

Take a look at the Drupal 8 version at Rising Sun Milland website

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