Matt Watkinson on WordPress

This is the story of the evolution of Matt Watkinson’s site from Drupal via Twitter Bootstrap to WordPress.

There is a post from 28th June 2014, Matt Watkinson on Twitter Bootstrap, explaining the process that took us from the original Drupal site to a site developed on Twitter Bootstrap.

We were interested to find out why Twitter Bootstrap has become so popular. It is difficult to find out how many sites have been built with it, but it is certainly hundreds of thousands.

Is it as good as it seems? Well for our experience it is very much a developer’s tool wrapped up in a framework. Once working with it one is reminded of sitting and hand coding for hours on end a decade or so ago.

The major limitation is that it is not content manageable, which means that all content has to be hand coded. Worse still, if you wish to add a page or two it takes ages to work round the manual development of menus.

The conclusion is that it is not for us, even though it is possible to develop some spectacular sites with it.

To a Drupal developer the very sound of the word WordPress conjures up visions of the constraints it tied people up in a few years ago. We have always said that it is very difficult to deliver any design in WordPress, there are always going to be compromises.

Well, not any more. We have taken Matt’s complex site that just about worked on Drupal and delivered it fully working on WordPress. Whilst doing that there has been a lot of learning and development of a lot of code and techniques. Are we convinced – yes!

From now on we will be offering WordPress first, our lovely Drupal second and Twitter Bootstrap is confined to history.

Matt’s site isn’t finished. The Blog is just a link to his Tumblr site, which with a bit of clever sorting out will be ported to the WordPress site. After that he is going for a major redevelopment of the structure, style and content.

Update: Matt has moved to the States and migrated his site to another platform.

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