Moving to WordPress

There are many ways in which websites can be developed. These include a so-called Static site, but most are produced using frameworks such a Drupal, WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap and Joomla. Keerim Design had used Drupal for the last five years, but we are changing the majority of new sites to WordPress.

The reasons are outlined in the section entitled Drupal and WordPress

This will make no difference to existing users of our services, as your sites are safe and secure as they have always been. However at the stage when a site may need upgrading, we will probably suggest porting it over to WordPress.

We have already done it with this site, which looks little different from our old site. Try is and judge for yourself.

Update: since this post was written we have had a major rethink and, having evaluated the successes we have had with WordPress, we are going to continue with Drupal as our primary product.

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