Muslim Teachers’ Association

The Muslim Teachers’ Association website was in a bit of a mess. It hadn’t been updated for two or three years, it was hosted somewhere in the USA, the administrator was difficult to make contact with, the email addresses didn’t exist and there was an alternative site under development that had faltered.

Keerim Design, incidentally Keerim has no Islamic or Indian Sub-continent associations it’s pure coincidence, decided to step in and help. There was a deadline of 22nd March, which gave effectively twelve weeks to get everything together.

The issues were complex. We had no admin access to the existing site, but we managed to get a copy (don’t ask how). We found that the site had been extensively hacked and had major security risks. As part of the process and were tracked down and transferred to our control. The next stage was to develop a very bland site using WordPress that would enable the Association to apply input to the style later.

The site is gradually being transferred to complete control by the Association. They hold the hosting and are moving to form a committee that will take over in the new academic year.

This is one of a number of ‘pro bono’ projects that we undertake to give a little bit back rather than just being seen a 100% commercial company.

The MTA website can be seen at

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