Patrick Randall New Gallery Site

Keerim Design wanted to add a gallery site to our new WordPress portfolio. Where better to start than our old friend Patrick Randall. We have been working with Patrick for over a decade and developed one of the most advanced interactive HTML websites for him years ago.

Patrick is an artist who is always evolving his style and technique, so the time had come to produce a thoroughly modern showcase for his latest works.

Our new WordPress Kflex theme is ideal for the purpose: clean, fast and modern. We added a simple gallery that can be easily accessed by galleries and individuals who wish to see the new work. We also decided to only keep the latest works, in line with how he sees future.

For anyone looking for an artist’s, photographer’s or creative portfolio this is simple, cost-effective and works brilliantly on all devices.

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Contact Tony at if you are seeking a Gallery website in the UK or Ireland.