PHC re-brands

Pressure Hydraulics Cork is now Pressure Hydraulics & Controls. The reasons are straightforward enough, the process not as simple. Pressure Hydraulics & Controls has facilities in Cork and Carlow. Both facilities are moving to new ultra-modern premises, so it was felt the time had come to give the company a wider, less regional face. This was also partially because of the success of the website that is bringing in orders from many different parts of the world. This is what we found when doing the re-brand.


The nice thing about the change of name is that the domain name didn’t have to change. The website was already very mobile-friendly, but we took the opportunity to further modernise the code and introduce much more control using CSS3 FlexBox. Google loved it and a simple test was that within two or three days a search for ‘Pressure Hydraulics Cork’ immediately led to Pressure Hydraulics & Controls Ireland. Perfect – and a few weeks later virtually all the site pages have been indexed correctly.

We also took the opportunity to reduce the number of pages considerably, got rid of sidebars, eliminated any drop-down menus and made the whole experience much more mobile-friendly. The whole site now is as forward-looking and modern as the company itself. You can take a look at

As we also do all the Social Media, the following may be of interest.

Google Business

If you Google Pressure Hydraulics & Controls, in most cases you will immediately be presented with the Google Business details for the company. This was an unusually painless process, with Google accepting the change in name and new Cork address within minutes. It also helped that the website had been published, so that the checker at Google could see that it was a genuine change. The same will be done for the Carlow facility when they move soon. This helps with regionalisation, which means that searches within Ireland will lead the user to the closest facility for their needs. The two Google business locations can be seen at Cork Facility and Carlow Facility


Again a very painless process, with the changes being approved by Linkedin within ten minutes. They asked for proof and the new website was accepted without hesitation. There is only one issue, which is the change in name led to an immediate change in URL. Surprisingly, Linkedin has no forwarding system, so anyone who has the Linkedin page bookmarked is simply taken to a 404 Page Not Found. Disappointing, but we are assuming that now many people bookmark Linkedin pages. The new URL is PHC on Linkedin – the link is genuine, but sometimes it is reported as broken.


One might expect Facebook to be easy and seamless, which it is and it isn’t. The change of name and company details was simple, but like Linkedin a new URL was generated with no forwarding system. All followers were notified of the change of URL, but Google shows both. The currect URL is PHC on Facebook.

Email Marketing using MailChimp

Notifying customers and clients has been simple by sending out our usual marketing emails.


A much better and easier process than we expected, but aided by the fact that we had everything in place before changing. The company will continue to flourish and we will enjoy working with them.