PHL Hydraulics industrial hydraulics website

PHL Industrial Hydraulics

PHL have been with Keerim Design since the very start of our journey. Their main site is at PHL Hydraulics website

It is immediately obvious that the .com website is very much a heavy engineering site, but that is not all they do. There is a progressive and lively Industrial Hydraulics division, providing and installing pumps, motors, filters, etc. for a wide range of industries in Ireland.

The Industrial Hydraulics division has a different branding, which is reflected in the site design. The site is aimed mainly at the Irish domestic market, which is why it is on a .ie domain. This can lead to real problems with Google, because search engines don’t like people trying to gain commercial advantage by having multiple sites. In this case great care has been taken to ensure that content is not duplicated across the two sites and relevant links are used between the engineering and the industrial hydraulics.

Take a look at the differences at PHL Hydraulics .ie website

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