Phoenix Instinct

Wheelchair Luggage by Andrew Slorance’s Phoenix Instinct.

Keerim Design has been working with Andrew for the last three years. The original project was for Carbon Black, the revolutionary, lightweight, carbon fibre wheelchair. Details of that project are to be found back in the news for November 2013.

In June 2015 things took an unexpected turn: firstly Andrew won extensive funding for his company at the Scottish Edge Awards, followed within a few days by him losing control of the company. We continue to support his previous company, but actively support his drive and ambition to start anew. His latest project is for his new company, Phoenix Instinct. The name sums up the situation: rise from the ashes and succeed.

The first of a range of products is a revolutionary bag that liberates wheelchair users, making independent travel much easier. The bags are in the process of manufacture, but in the meantime Andrew and Mary have been active in promoting the product on Social Media. The Facebook campaign has been based on a series of short videos and has been extremely successful. One of the videos has achieved almost cult status, receiving 184,000 views in a short time. See Once Upon A Time video

Evolution of the accompanying website

The website has evolved in three stages. The first was by following the advice of some self-styled marketing gurus, who shall remain nameless, because we don’t like them. Go for a one page website and tell the whole story in that one page. The basis principle is that very few people go beyond the Home page of a website, so don’t make them search for clues. There are very few distractions, as conventional banners have been replaced by a simple heading and accompanying video. Does the video work? Well, the main video has been watched through over 300 times in the last month.

The main part of the body has a brief introduction for the benefit of Google and four short videos that explain more about the product. Follow that with a simple contact form and you don’t need much more. In the first few weeks well over five hundred people registered their interest in the luggage.

The footer contains the usual suspects: contact, social media and legal requirements. Is the social media worth it? We are not convinced by the figures, but fifteen people have shared the page in a month: six on Facebook, five by email and four on Pinterest.

Overall, 1,600 people have looked at 4,000 pages in the last month. That’s a result!

Phases 2 and 3 – add the news and a store

To keep the site ‘live’ in the eyes of the search engines a simple section called ‘Trending’ was added. It’s nothing more than a simple news/blog section, based mainly on short video clips. The video clips are also on Facebook, further reinforcing the message. However, almost all of them have been indexed by Google immediately. It is hard to comprehend that ‘viral luggage’ as a search term would find Phoenix Instinct.

A second page has been added, called ‘Full Details’. It’s actually a full eCommerce solution based on Drupal Commerce with the Buy Now button switched off. At the point where Andrew is ready to sell and dispatch all over the world a simple flick of a switch will set it up.

We started the site on Drupal 8, which worked a treat, but as soon as we got to the more difficult bits it all became too much of a problem. Drupal 8 still doesn’t have a viable eCommerce solution, so the only thing to do was to port the site back to Drupal 7 and start again with Drupal Commerce. Nothing lost, except a bit of time.

So that’s it. Simple website with lots of hits and a Google position of number two in the world if searching for ‘wheelchair luggage’. Not bad for a month and with zero outlay on advertising. It supports our basic belief that a site built properly in the first place doesn’t need a fortune spent on in to progress up the search engines. To see Andrew’s site go look at Phoenix Instinct website

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