Rising Sun Moved To WordPress

It’s the end of an era, as Keerim Design has decided to give up the battle with Drupal 8 and develop on WordPress in the future. It has been a hard decision, because we have been developing on Drupal for over a decade and really didn’t want to give up all that time, effort and expertise. However, Drupal 8 has defeated us, so our last Drupal 8 site, Rising Sun Milland, has been ported to WordPress.

The reasons why are many, but simply to say that bespoke development became too difficult, many of the modules we wished to use are underdeveloped and the system crashed too often when trying to do simple things like security fixes and updates.

The Rising Sun Milland is a classic site to which we have added a modern twist. It looks cleaner, it works better and we think betters displays the good features of this excellent Gastro Pub.

See – www.risingsunmilland.com

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