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There are many ways of communicating with your audience. Our advice would be to keep it simple and not over complicate the website, However use of video and sometimes audio can give a good feel to the website and save hours of writing. News feeds and Blogs are standard, but think carefully before undertaking them as there is a lot of work involved.

It is at this stage that careful thought must be given to what you wish to achieve with your website. This site is built on Twitter Bootstrap, which is fine for most business brochure-style websites. It is easy to integrate video and audio and many of the normal multi-media features. However, it has its limitations. It can be used for a simple Blog, but why bother if there are other platforms specifically for that purpose. Why have we usedd Bootstrap for this? Well, to be honest it's an experiment to test it's ease of use, speed and to judge whether it would be fit for purpose for most of our clients. Answer, yes it is for future sites.

If you are looking for News and Blog type websites than we would recommend using WordPress, which is used for most of our sites. An alternative would be Drupal, which we have moved away from, but it is still a very good platform. Similarly if you are looking for eCommerce go with something like WordPress plus WooCommerce. This combination seems to satisfy most of our clients. If you are an ambitious business then you may be best advised to go with one of the bespoke platforms like Shopify or Magento.

Our experience is that many businesses are a little too aspirational and ask for features that they will never manage in the longer term. Advice - keep it simple!


Video is a great way to get a lot of information across in a very short time. This is good, given that most people will not be on your website for very long. Most people use YouTube , which is good, but there's lots of advertising and links at the end of the video to take your visitors elsewhere. We advise using the Professional version of Vimeo. For £50 a year your videos will be safe, private, well streamed, ad-free and loop back to the start of the video when they have finished. Try PHC's video.


There's not much that be said about audio, except that it seems to be having a resurgence with the popularity of Podcasts.

Take care when using audio that you observe the various licensing requirements. It is easy to implement audio anywhere.

News Feeds

News feeds can be used for Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. However, they have their limitations and, with the exception of Twitter don't work well on Bootstrap. If you wish to go down this route you would be advised to work with WordPress and buy a professional streaming package like SmashBalloon.

For examples see Baltinglass Twitter Feed on Home page and Rushbrooke Facebook Feed on News page

Also it only really works if you keep your posts consistent, i.e. images and content.


There are three aspects to any good Blog or News site.

  1. Well created individual posts.
  2. A well laid out Blogs or News page with a number of 'teasers'.
  3. The latest 'teasers' fed through to the Home page.

See for example The Wine Circle

This is a lot of work and not easy to maintain unless you are a dedicated blogger.