Our Work Emails

Do you send marketing emails?

If not why not? They are a simple method of communication and not as unwelcome as you might think. We send out thousands every month on behalf of our clients and you would be surprised how few people unsubscribe or delete the email immediately. We get one or two people a month who ‘spam’ an email, but that’s because with Yahoo and Hotmail the ‘spam’ button is easily accessible. You may not know that all ‘spams’ are reported to the authorities (whover they are) and if more than 0.1% of your emails are spammed you will get a warning and at 0.5% you will be suspended.

Everyone on your email list must have opted in to receive emails from you. You may be asked to prove where the email list came from. Also every email must give the recipient the opportunity to unsubscribe from your list. There are also legal requirements relating to your business, club or whatever. Have a look at the small print that most big companies send out – they tend to do it properly.

Finally, and most importantly, emails are probably the most complex things on the web. Most people use either an email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail) or webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail). Oh, and of course those using iPhones or Android phones. Every one of those mentioned displays HTML emails in a different way. To ensure that your lovely email can be seen on all devices you need to use technology from twenty years ago. It sounds stupid, but it’s true. Some can’t see anything other than text, so all emails have to be dual coded (HTML for images, etc. and text, for well – text).

Absolutely finally, you have spent all that time, energy and money only to discover that the majority of emails never reach the intended recipient. No one told you about Spam Filter rules. We have now, but not in detail as life’s too short.

We are quite good at it, so please ask us, it’s quicker and easier.


We like to use Mailchimp for sending emails, as do many millions of people worldwide. The rules are strict, the costs are low, it’s easy to use and the analytics you get back are fantastic. It also links with Social Media (get the theme). Above all, for the small user it’s free. For larger users who wish to remove the branding, it’s economic and reliable.

Things to consider

  1. Plan your email campaign
  2. Who is your target audience
  3. What are your objectives
  4. What is your budget
  5. Personalise and be relevant
  6. Getting the subject line right
  7. Don’t get caught by spam filters
  8. Design to encourage people to look at the email
  9. Don’t annoy people
  10. Direct customers through to a relevant website page
  11. Create HTML and text versions
  12. Make sure it works on all devices
  13. Ensure you mailing list is legal
  14. Keep you list up-to-date

Keerim can create, develop and deliver a regular email marketing campaign for you that addresses all the above.