Out Work Services

This is what we offer

Put simply, our aim is to provide a complete service from which clients can choose as much or as little as they wish. The normal process is to meet with clients and discuss the general features required; type of site, initial design thoughts, scope of the site and an approximate project plan. This follows a standard process: design, development, deployment to a staging server, populate the site, test thoroughly and, when everyone’s happy, go live. We don’t hide away, because at all stages we want the client’s input.



Design is normally done by Ben Kilby in liaison with the client. Ben is a very good and well-respected digital designer. Ideally the client would provide some images and content, but it doesn’t matter if none are available. Ben will produce a number of concepts and refine one of them with the client.


When the design is approved a prototype site will be built by Tony Turner. This could be on any content management sytem, or none. The aim is to have a staging site available so that the client can see the design working as a basic website. The process then continues, designing and developing on the screen.

Content Management

Hopefully by this stage the client will have gathered together all the assets, i.e. images and text to produce the site. This would be undertaken with Roland Hutchings, who would help to produce a final site map and turn the site into the finished article. Once published the client can manage the site or we offer a fully managed service at a modest cost.

Technical Support

The site will need a domain name, such as ‘keerim.co.uk’ and will have to be hosted on a server. We take care of all of that, registering domain names and hosting. Our current preference is to work with Tsohost, who provide very fast, reliable and stable servers. There is a reasonable annual charge for support, security fixes, backups, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, you will hear it everywhere. Internet marketing is a very wide field and we will ensure that your site is found by Google, indexed and appears near the top. If you wish to spend money on ‘pay per click’, Google Adwords, Facebook adverts, etc. we can point you in the right direction, but we don’t offer those services.


I want to make changes in the future. Will they be expensive?
By using Drupal Keerim minimises the cost and site development is surprisingly cheap. Keerim builds even the simplest sites so that they can develop.

Is the type of hosting important?
It is to you if your website disappears. It won’t with Keerim. We have long experience of the hosting provider and appreciate the seven day support service offered.

To get to the top of Google do I have to spend a fortune on Adwords?
No. If the website is developed properly most, if not all, of the job will be already done. For the occasional boost a few days of Adwords can do no harm. For serious, go-getting businesses and for those in a competitive market, they may well be essential now.

How do I know you won’t just produce half a website and then disappear?
We are committed to providing you with a personal service at all times hence our partnering commitment to all our clients.

I have an idea of how I want the site to look but I need some help.
One of our designers will meet with you at the outset to discuss how your idea can be turned into reality.

What makes you different from the cheap websites advertised in the media?
We are a professional company who engage with our clients to provide them with sites tailored to their individual needs. We do not sell out of the box solutions.

What is this managed service you talk about?
You send us the text and pictures, tell us what webpage you want to put them on, and we do the rest!

Can I trust you with confidential information about my company?
Yes. All of the Keerim team come from business backgrounds and are committed to preserving company confidentiality. References can be provided if required.

How do I get in touch with you if I have a problem or want changes to the site?
From the beginning of the process, you will be given the personal contact details of your appointed client manager.