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Some of Keerim's Websites

We make no exaggerated claims about our websites. There are a lot of excellent companies out there doing a very good job. We are just one of them. What we think makes us different is that we put the client first. There are other companies that do as well, but there are lots of stories of clients having very bad experiences, some of whom end up with us.

Here’s our philosophy. We believe firmly that developing a website is a journey that should be undertaken by the web company and the client together. The design phase will involve discussions with the client and then two or three possible designs presented for client approval and agreement. The functional requirements of the website will be agreed. Then a site will be built on a staging server, which the client will be able to see and help in the process of getting it right. The website will be populated using the assets provided by the client. Finally the site will be fully tested on a range of devices and browsers to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

We will also undertake all of the search engine optimisation requirements, promote the site with Google and Bing and setup all the analytics that are necessary to ensure that the success of the site can be measured.

Then we offer a managed service to ensure that the site remains good.

Brochure Sites

By brochure sites we mean personal, small business, club, organisations and charity websites. Anywhere where you want to make an impact on the web. Keerim can improve that chance by designing something personal, developing it on a content managed platform and ensuring that the web can see you.


If you are selling one product, setting up a small home business, have an established business and wish to expand to the web or have a larger business Keerim has something to offer. Initial consultation is free and we will produce a range of options and prices to suit any budget. What is there to lose, contact us.

School Websites

Every school is different and increasingly schools are having to market themselves, which obviously means making a feature of their unique features. We enjoy taking a school and producing a web presence to do the school justice. Plus we will make it legally compliant and look after it for you. All for a price, if not the lowest, certainly the best value for money around.


Do I need a website?
Most people would say ‘Yes’. A personal, school or business website is now regarded as a standard requirement. It needs to stand out, so have it professionally designed, developed and maintained.

Does my site have to be accessible?
Yes. Not everyone is fully sighted and able bodied, but everyone is a potential user. Keerim does everything possible to ensure that no one is disadvantaged when using your site.

I want to sell online. Is it easy?
It’s very easy to set up an online store selling a few products.

I have a shop, do I need an online store as well?
Initially you could have a brochure site to attract customers to your shop. Email campaigns are a great way to alert potential customers to offers and latest products. If you wish to try an online store, make it simple with a limited range and develop as you go on.

I don’t have the time to maintain a website. What should I do?
Leave it to Keerim’s full managed service. Call to discuss what Keerim can do for you.

I want some pages to be private. Is this possible?
Yes. Schools have secure Governors’ areas, clubs have members’ areas and discount pricing can be offered to selected customers.

What is the cost?
Not as much as you might think. Give Keerim a call and we will be delighted to offer a product to meet your budget and requirements.

How long does it take?
It depends on whether you have all the information and images to hand. Keerim works on a few weeks for a brochure site and a twelve week project plan for larger projects.