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Old sites, or you can’t keep them for ever.

Keerim Design is realistic about what we do and the market in which we work. There is a lot of choice and, although we do our very best to provide a good service at a competitive price, there will always be people who wish to go elsewhere. Also there are companies that fall by the wayside.

From our point of view, we are grateful to anyone who comes with us. Unlike some companies we do not tie clients into a penalising contract. However, we request that services like hosting and domains that are purchased in advance by us are purchased. After that if a client wishes to go elsewhere we will hand over the intellectual rights, zip up the site and wish them well.

We will say, not many of our clients take that option.


A public facing website using Kentico, and a confidential Intranet using Cobra CMS. Both were excellent in their way. Unfortunately AABPlc ceased to exist a few years ago - pity!

Bart Ingredients

A beautiful site, rich design and amazing functionality. Now gone from us, but much of the design is retained. If it is still there, enjoy it.

Big Mammas Door

As simple as it gets. Big Mammas Door is a 'R 'n B' band wanting to advertise it's gigs and sell copies of one CD. A combination of web plus PayPal does the trick. The band took over control of the site itself and it died almost immediately.


Front end development on a wide range of projects including SpaceNK, Jacques Vert, Windsmoor, Precis Petite and Conran. Many of these sites have moved on, but the experience was fantastic.

Bayonne/James Lee

Bayonne and James Lee Nursery schools are federated schools. We had their custom for about eight years, but they have just decided to go elsewhere. It was a stunning site

Kili 2010

A charity site done in 2010 to raise awareness and money. Now no longer appropriate, or in existence.

Mason Rose

This is the simplest one page eCommerce store in the world on behalf of Mason Rose. It looks a bit dated, but the design is very nice. There's not much else to say really, except that it has recently been disabled.

Matt Watkinson

Matt is a great character with outstanding web user experience skills. This book is developed from his experience and the website puts his 'Ten Principles' into practise. Site now replaced, but...


Mi-Pac is an international distributor of backpacks, rucksacks, cases and sleeves. This is their gallery site and our most successful site. Mi-Pac has moved on to a large, commercial, worldwide online store. It was a pleasure to have them with us for a few years.
Red and Yellow Care

Red and Yellow Care

Red and Yellow Care is offering an entirely new approach to the welfare and care of dementia patients. This is an initial site outlining the aims of the company, with much more to come. Now moved from Honey to another agency and been rebuilt.


Web editing for Regus, which has 1,500 business centres in 600 cities all over the world. Great experience working in a multi-language environment on multiple websites.

St Raphaels

St Raphaels is an excellent Catholic primary school in Ealing. It has a multi-cultural ethos and multi-lingual site. We make no apologies for saying that this is a good 'catholic' site in all senses. New Head Teacher, new ethos and unfortunately we have lost this site after ten years.

Virgin Atlantic

Contracted by Conchango to work on the front end development for the Virgin Atlantic staff travel intranet. No example is possible because the site is not public.


Eighteen months with Vodafone Global developing prototypes for the front end worldwide. Fantastic experience of a truly global project. Vodafone has moved on - as have we.