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Social Media isn’t easy

It is one think to do your own Facebook or Twitter posts, but it is an entirely different thing to maintain a Facebook page for your business. Add to that the integration of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Emails, Google+, etc. and you could spend all day doing nothing but posting. Keerim Design has found that people soon run out of ideas when confronted with the need to keep it going all year.

Planning and delivery are the answer: daily (madness), weekly, every two weeks or monthly can be considered, but only if there is something to be said. Planning, planning, planning…

If you take a look at some of the ones below you will soon find out which work and which don’t. Keerim Design’s is probably the worst, but we spend all our time doing posts for other people. If you do look, give us a ‘Like’. Someone has to some time!

Back2School Facebook

A simple Facebook Page to keep Back2School Naas in the public eye. In addition it can carry information, latest offers, etc.

Formal Wear Facebook

Formal Wear is an ideal candidate for a successful Facebook Page. Dress hire and social media should go hand-in-hand, but it needs planning.

Keerim Design Facebook

We do have our own, so we know how much work is involved in keeping these up. However, we do put others first and do everything for them.

Pat Randall Facebook

Pat has a website and a personal Facebook Page, but we have set him up with a Community Page that can be used as an up-to-date gallery. In the last few weeks Pat has decided that he doesn't wish to continue with this, so the page will disappear sometime in early December.

Paul James Facebook

Paul James Jewellers has had a rebrand. We have updated their Page and started to make it more people-friendly, rather than a simple sales page.

PHC Facebook

Pressure Hydraulics & Controls sends out monthly marketing emails. We use their Facebook Page as a summary and link to the main website.

School Uniforms Direct FB

School Uniforms Direct are just starting to make use of what should be a very powerful tool for marketing their products on Facebook.

Visage Facebook

A Facebook Page to complement Visage's new website, giving an opportunity to publish latest stock, sales items and news.
Wine Circle Facebook

Wine Circle Facebook

The Wine Circle sends out a number of promotional and information emails a month. These are posted to Facebook as well.