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Like it or loath it, Social Media can’t be avoided and needs to be used appropriately on your website. Estimates vary, but we have figures of the average time users are on Facebook a month being between seven and ten hours. Use a Facebook page for personal use, but have a separate one for business. The your business page and website will drive traffic to each other.

‘Follow us’ and ‘Share’ are the two main considerations. Share is easy as it’s simple links from the website to FaceBook, which of course you can link back from. ‘Follow us’ is ‘Facebook Like’ and ‘Facebook Comments’. It’s a bit of a minefield that we can help you navigate through.

Twitter can form the third leg of linking. Tweet and post on Facebook, while the Twitter stream on you website displays it immediately.

Don’t underestimate the time involved and the creativity required to keep this all up-to-date, fresh and meaningful. If you don’t keep up, you could end up with social media efforts like ours. Oh dear, another memo, must try harder in this respect!

Facebook Page


FaceBook is interesting. Many businesses hesitate to get involved, basically by not seeing the point. Keerim Design has worked with clients who simply want to put advertising out there. However the best results are gained when the realisation dawns that FaceBook is all about human interest. Keep the posts people-centred and it’s surprising what can be achieved.



Why would you wish to Tweet? Well, lots of people do – and not just politicians, footballers and celebrities. Here’s a good reason. Is there any better and quicker way to update the news on your website? Adding a Twitter feed to your site enables you to publish up-to-date information briefly and quickly.



LinkedIn is very much about what type of business is using it. Forget about using it as a direct advertising system, that’s not what it is for. Keerim Design has clients who use it well, have huge followings and benefit substantially from their Linkedin presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

Now last on the list. Keerim Design used to make a good living out of email marketing, but since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 is has become very difficult. It can still be done if you can prove that everyone who receives an email has actively signed up and followed a double opt-in system – almost impossible. Pity, the spammers have killed a legitimate business method.

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